Spring into training fun with us!

It must be Spring!

K9 Nosework trials are coming up fast in the New England area - and new, starting this year are Element Trials!

If you are looking for a sport that activates your dog's mind - check into Nosework - one of the fastest growing canine activities around.
For dogs of all ages from puppy to senior, scent work is The Game of Dogs where our dogs are our teachers!

Look for information about our scent work classes under the title Sniffer Dog


Tue, Apr 1 12:00 am - 12:00 pm

Welcome to Positive Rewards dog training!

From companion to competitor, offering positive reinforcement training for all ages & breeds of dogs.

Positive Rewards dog training is located on Martha's Vineyard Island, in southeastern Massachusetts.

Are you interested in building a better dog?

Using the science of learning, positive reinforcement training can teach you how to teach your dog( or horse, or parrot, or fish) to do amazing things, or simply be a great companion.

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